we love to look after your bikes

Our services


Campagnolo Pro Shop

We are a Campagnolo pro shop, that means we are fully trained by Campagnolo to service and repair all types of their products. We’re also lucky to have the legend that is John Poyzer, who eats/sleeps/dreams Campagnolo. There’s nothing Campagnolo have ever made that he doesn’t know about, and we are the lucky team of peeps that he trains!


Bike service

We get asked all the time, what kind of stuff do we do, and really we service pretty much everything. All types of road bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, cheap bikes, really expensive bikes, heaps to ride to work on, or a much loved classic.


Custom bike builds

Stripes has a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to turn the bike of your dreams into a reality. The more experience you have riding, the more you get to understand what works for you, what enhances your ride, and overall, what makes cycling even more enjoyable! With our strong attention to detail and obsessive need to create masterpieces not just bikes, we can work with you to build a bike that meets your needs and desires.


Bike fitting

We do bike fitting in an old school way, with measurements and angles and listening to your needs. Our feedback from customers has been great, so if you are having any trouble, book some time with us and we will take a look.